100 PLUS was established as a consultancy in 1993 with the aim of creating greater synergy between the strengths of companies and their employees. The background was Ole Buch's 15 years of experience with sales and marketing in large Danish companies, municipal business development, guidance of entrepreneurs and international education and training of e.g. salespeople and managers. In addition, some years as training manager in a Swiss, internationally recognised training company, primarily in sales and management.
Our many years of experience with optimizing B2B companies' utilization of their market opportunities as well as with the development of managers and salespeople, gives us the prerequisites to be able to help develop companies' competitive strength.
Our vision is to do our job so well that customers recommend us to others. Our mission is to improve the competitive strength of companies so that they can live up to their goals. We do this by making visible and activating untapped potential, both in the company and in the markets as well as in the organisation.
Your goal determines the way!

International expansion

100 PLUS is part of an international group of consulting, recruitment and law firms that offer local expertise in most of the world's countries. We help companies with trouble-free expansion. We offer local expertise in all business areas relevant to your business through an extensive international network of teams.
Typical areas of support include market analysis, setting up regional headquarters or finding distributors, legal expertise and executive recruitment.
You will work with one contact person who can solve all business tasks in your upcoming expansion. Our purpose is to meet customers' needs for advice in complex situations.
For our customers, this means efficient and coherent solutions with the greatest degree of quality, credibility, and with a fast response time.

Market entry in Denmark with 100 PLUS

100 PLUS has more than 30 years of experience with the Danish industrial market. We have gained a unique insight into Danish business community as well as a large network among business leaders. We operate in all B2B sectors and industries.

We put our insight at your disposal, and offer services such as:

  • Analysis of the potential of your products
  • Establishing business contacts for you
  • We put you in touch with customers, distributors or agents
  • Development of the optimal sales process
  • Creation and implementation of a plan to enter the current market
  • Carrying out the certification processes for your products
  • Creation of a branch of your company

What do you get out of working with us?

You gain assurance that the entire process is under control.

We assess which markets have the greatest potential for your products and put you in contact with business partners. We will show you what the competition is doing and suggest how to stand out to penetrate the new market. We will develop a coherent model for the sale and distribution of your products and develop a competitive pricing policy.

Penetration of markets outside Denmark

100 PLUS is the leading partner in the global organisation CBBC – Cross Border Business Consultants. We have experienced partners in more than 35 countries on 6 continents and we are constantly developing. All partners offer market entry in their own country. We can thus help companies get started in new markets in an efficient and safe way.

Why partner with CBBC?

Because you gain assurance that the entire process is under control.
Our One-Stop-Shop model allows us to implement projects in several markets simultaneously.
We work closely with similar organizations around cross border headhunting and legal advice in many countries.
Get in touch and let's discuss the possibilities.

100 PLUS is the Danish partner in the following organisations:

CBBC - Cross Border Business Consultants

aims to be a global and unsurpassed forum for conducting commercial cross-border activities.
CBBC was established in 2020 and is a focal point for international expansion.
We are more than 30 partners in as many countries on 5 continents, and more are coming all the time due to a serious growth plan.

Take advantage of one total solution

We enable SMEs to grow internationally and gain access to new markets.
We are an international collaboration between independent business consultants. We offer small and medium-sized companies a clear overview of potential markets, we initiate and conduct relevant business activities.
Customers will benefit from a One-Stop-Shop solution that allows for continuous and controlled growth thanks to our experienced partner organisation.
Each partner is a specialist in the specific environment of his / her country and can provide valuable insights thanks to expertise and many years of local networking.
We collaborate on topics that lead companies to success, partly through a holistic approach, and partly through partners' expertise in specific areas of advice: Cross-border tasks, knowledge sharing, resources, business development and marketing.


Digital Headhunting is the new variety in recruitment. Have you thought about why it's getting harder and harder to find the right candidates?
Jobilla has. With a completely unique method, we solve the three major problems in today's recruitment:

  • The contact to the passive and qualified candidates
  • The time consumption in the process
  • The economy

DNLA - Discovering Natural Latent Abilities

Makes competencies visible
DNLA - Discovering & Developing Natural Latent Abilities is modern HR management's preferred tool for all functions, challenges and requirements.
To help individuals and organisations (re-) discover, assess and access their full potential; as well as helping you place the right people, those with the right mindset, motivation, ideas and qualifications in the right place - that's what we achieve.

Other Consultancy services:

Recruitment strategy
Get coherence between the company's vision, strategy, organisational development and recruitment plan.
Which competencies must be developed, and which must be applied from the outside and when?
Let's help lay out the plan for both development and budget so that it all goes up in a higher unit.

Preparation for export
Once the strategy has been laid down and the new markets have been defined, how should the organisation then be adapted so that it can tackle new and international customers as well as the Danish ones?
Together, we can clarify what it takes to optimise the company's suitability for export, and together with our international partners, we can prioritise efforts in new markets.

LeadershipSparring for improvement of competitiveness:
Business analysis
Planned development
Following up

Improving sales results:
Does the company have a written sales process? Is there a connection between the company's budget and the sales process?
Are goals set for the various steps in the sales funnel, for example: What is the sales budget per month and per salesperson? How many meetings must be booked? How many calls must be made to book the meetings? How many leads do we need in the target group? Do you know your hit rates in the various stages of the process?

  • We demonstrate why your current sales process is not working and we simplify the sales management process
  • We find your future differentiation parameters
  • We draw up a plan that will increase your sales
  • We advise on and implement tools that will facilitate and promote the sales work
  • We equip your team with skills and techniques that work and not just look nice